How a Hive Works

A Hive is a local, grassroots group of people who are interested in getting together on a regular basis for the betterment of their community. The composition of a Hive may be as few as four to six like-minded individuals who may get together at a coffee shop or as large as hundreds in the case of pre-formed groups such as social, political or college student organizations.

The key component of building the cohesiveness of a Hive is meeting frequency (2 to 3 times monthly) where information is shared among members of state and local (city/town) matters. A discussion will then follow on the issues presented and an action plan is developed. Is it mandatory that Hive members attend each meeting? Of course not. However, the Hive’s leader and/or alternate leader must be present in order to guide the discussion and submit the information to us for further consideration.

Hives RI Rhode Island, Indivisible RI RhodeIsland State CircularThe Hive’s leader (or alternate) would then submit this information to one of our Area Directors who will act as a facilitator to bring your concerns to us along with recommended actions.

In the instance of state matters, we will coordinate all Hives statewide in our Action Committee, comprised of three members of our Advisory Board.

In the instance of local matters, our Action Committee will determine and coordinate activities on how best to support you.

A general Hive meeting will be held during the first week of each month in five designated areas of the state (Northern RI, Greater Providence Area, East Bay, Central RI and Southern RI). These meetings will provide all Hive leaders with an opportunity to discuss which issues their groups are working on and planned actions. All participants from each Hive in that area are welcome to attend…and be both informed and energized.