State Issues

Be the change in Rhode Island.

Although we have raised our voices and delivered an Indivisible unified message to our Members of Congress, their desire to carry out the desires of their constituents – us – is extremely limited given the GOP’s current control of all three branches of our national government.

There is much more opportunity on a state level to exert our influence by delivering our determined message of our wanting to be the change Rhode Islanders deserve.

A small number of our state senators and representatives are neither lifelong politicians nor do they aspire to advance to state or national offices.  Most share the love we have for Rode Island and serve for the well-being of each resident.  There are others promoting agendas which are harmful to segments of RI’s population.

It is our intention to shed a light on the most egregious elected officials who are unresponsive to their constituents and have a voting record contrary to our common will.

Steps To Engage Your State Senator or Representative (and Leadership)

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  1. Due to the grassroots nature of your Hive, most of you will reside in the same senate or representative districts. Contact your senator or representative and request a meeting. Since most state elected officials do not have an office where they can host your meeting, invite them to your Hive meeting.  (Never have more than one politician at a meeting as you will not have time for an adequate discussion of your concerns or asks.)
  2. Prior to the meeting, preparation is everything. You should know what their recent voting record is as well as any proposed bills they may have sponsored or cosponsored. If you feel as though a particular piece of legislation will impact you, your community or our state, plan on offering specific details. Discuss which bills are of particular interest to your Hive (as well as Hives statewide) and ask your legislator to either support or not-support the measure.
  3. Where is the bill? You can receive an email notification of the progress of any RI bill as it winds its way through the legislative process by using RI Bill Tracker. If a Hive sees that a bill is about to be heard by a committee, such as Judiciary, members can then contact committee members either by phone or email and ask that they vote YES or NO on that particular bill.

Similarly, if a bill passes through a committee and has not been given a floor vote, Hive members will be encouraged to contact the Senate President or the House Speaker and request that it be allowed to proceed.

We are working on posting the results of how your senator or representative voted on a particular bill on this website.